Part 2. SS/2016 'FAKE CLUB' by Jason Lee Parry for The Lovers & Drifters Club

'We all build walls to protect our souls from the overwhelming force of love. Over a lifetime we build these walls, stone by stone… High and strong, we think. Until friendly strangers come along and we can’t help but let them in. Our walls gradually become more fragile. Strangers become lovers. They make you believe this is real and then they leave. They end up destroying our wall and it’s up to us to put it back together and start building from scratch. It might take a while for our wall to stand tall… again, just a little taller than before and it will be harder for friendly strangers to waltz their way in. But we’ll get ourselves back together. A little better… this time.


And he’ll just be another brick in our wall…'

SS/'2016 'FAKE CLUB' available here:

All images by Jason Lee Parry:

Styling by Chloe Chippendale:

Produced by Lengenderryberry:

Hair & Make-Up by Chelsea Gehr:

Team The Lovers & Drifters Club: 

Merinda Kate Jackson >

Roos van Rij >



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