Sterre Kalleis for The Lovers & Drifters Club

'He remembered the very first moment properly looking into her eyes.. It was like gazing at the stars for the first time..

Before he kissed her for the first time, he waited.
He took a second to look at her. Because everything was new, so unfamiliar. He didn't know how she would taste, how their hands will press against their skin, how they’ll breathe.

Look at him wanting - the apprehension in his eyes. They don’t know either. In his mind she was an uncharted territory.
Isn’t that special?
Keep it. That’s how you’ll never lose each other. Every so often afterwards look at them through these eyes. Don’t lose that wonder. Don’t lose the spark.

'The Streets' with Sterre Kalleis wearing our 'Cool Kids Never Sleep' Collection. 

Model Sterre Kalleis: 

Photography Roos van Rij:

Collection 'Cool Kids Never Sleep' available here:

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