The Story of Maxine

“Don’t ever forget about me”, he said as he licked devastation off his lips. Those five heart-wrenching words echoed and suddenly darkness filled the colorful television skies of their hometown.. She was gone and his life became sullen; filled with thunderstorms and regret. 

 For him, it has always been Maxine.. She was the key to his soul; the silver-screen siren of his favourite movie; the mesmerizing kaleidoscopic hue to his black and white.

But the world was vast and she was still too young, so he knew he had to let her goHe knew she had to complete herself first before they can truly be together. He knew he had to let go of the memories – the intrusions that caressed his veins, the drugs that fed his soul. 

 He just knew

 And so Maxine spread her wings and wandered this sanctuary we call Earth like a rock ‘n’ roll AthenaShe sashayed across the desperate lands and streets of New York and her lace and velvet dresses swayed to the groove.

Suddenly, she cast out those majestic lights she kept underneath her shag jacket and became a master in her own wilderness. She remembered when she was a pure flower child and her parents encouraged her with lovely thoughts before she went to sleep. Her parents taught her that love is the elixir of life. Love can't be bought and love consumes us all.

 So she rushed to the nearest pay-phone and called him. 

 “Baby, I am ready to come home”, she said. She wasn’t nervous. He wasn’t nervous. Everything seemed so easy; so familiar. Because now that she pieced herself together, him and her wouldn’t belong to each other. Him and her would belong together."

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Model: Maxine Woodring

Photography: Roos van Rij

Text by Evangelina Fysa:

All designs by The Lovers & Drifters Club

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