The Story of Terra Jo

'As the sun burned crimson bright, there she stood - like a colourful mirage against the bleached dunes. She was a desert tripper. The kind of girl who wandered across scorched earths... hoping, waiting to find herself again.

She was ashamed of the drought that consumed her soul and she was told to yearn for more. She knew that all deserts hide a grand oasis somewhere. And just like thirst hallucinates water, the need to find beauty hallucinates a desire for an oasis. 

So she navigated the seemingly empty space, with her beating heart as a compass, only to realise that the sand was the colour of her hair, the infinite skies were like the abyss in her eyes and the Joshua trees were like her soul that fought the way out of the ground. 

It was never about finding a stream of water. It was about accepting herself just as she was.

And she was the desert. And she was meant to be on fire.'


Model: Terra Jo

Photography: Roos van Rij

Text by Evangelina Fysa:

All designs by The Lovers & Drifters Club


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