The Story Of Alexandra Ricci

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” – Lewis Carroll


Meet Sascha, who has an unimaginable imagination. She’s living in a world of her own and has thoughts we will never know about. She doesn’t belong to anyone or anything. Even when you’re with her she’s not with you. She’s somewhere else… Dreaming… Dreaming more often than sleeping. She has flashbacks of things that never existed and creates entire romances in her dreams. Soft and sweet, yet edgy and hard to defeat. A young babydoll with an old rock ’n roll soul. She’s devine and makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine.


She’s a girly dream…  She’s your dream girl. 

Alexandra is wearing our SS/2016 'FAKE CLUB' Collection. Available here:

Designs by Merinda Kate Jackson:

Photography by Roos van Rij:

Styling & Model Alexandra Ricci :

Text by Babette De Bouver:

Alexandra is wearing our PINK LOVER TEE - Available here:
 What do you do in your daily life?
I drink Cappuccino and hope my day will be surprising, fun and different from the day before ☕
What are your future plans?
Go on A road trip through Italy, have a puppy, learn to sew my own clothes and above all go further on my project/ own brand PIN'S. In one month, NIPS Pin's will be real, launching! So impatient, can't wait!
 If friends have to describe Alexandra Ricci, what would they say:
Hope they would say : Real...
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What do you wish to know when you will turn 50?
Relax, let things go, my life has always taken a good turn, so no worries. Everybody says to me that I'll finish up like a hippie... if I could live on a farm I would be so happy ! ???????
Any regrets?
Yes, I've it sometimes, it's human. But regrets are necessary in move forward in a better way.
Do you believe in love at first side?
Are you in love?
Yes !????
He was a very good friend for 6 months, we were inseparable. I kissed him on New Year's eve, and now, we are living in great romance... We always have new exciting, projects together, so much fun and love. 
Does something needs to be unique for you to be interesting?
Hopefully no, life would be so boring ! 
Alexandra is wearing our UNLOVABLE'TEE, Available here:
What are you insecure about?
??✋?Dickheads ! ✋???
What makes you feel confident?
Working on new and inspiring projects..
Bad habbits:
There are always holes in my sucks... ! 
Good habbits:
I always make sure to lock my door twice...  
Have a nice day ??☀



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