The Story Of Larissa Bohmhoff

'He never really liked Paris. But that summer he was there with her… Larissa.

She took him to all the places she knew, every museum, every park and every monument. They kissed in every beautiful place, they danced on every bridge, they ran in every street, they got drunk on every rooftop. They didn’t leave any spot untouched…

 She assured him he would never come back to Paris without thinking of her, without seeing her reflection in the water, without tasting her kisses in the sky … She would destroy Paris in the most beautiful way possible.

 He never had a favorite city. But then two years later he was sitting in front of a new girl. "If you could live in one city all your life, where would it be?", she asked playfully

 He remembers how Larissa was off in her own little world sometimes. How she would breathe dreams like air and how he loved it, because she made him dream too. He remembers how the night knows all their secrets… and how she is his best kept secret. How their weirdness collided, and how they called it love. He remembers how much better they were together. How she would lit up his world with every cigarette she lighted. He remembers how that summer they undressed all french clichés… and each other. How she blended in with the Parisian scenery. How she was his happy place. How she was his Laris.

All of a sudden he remembers how unforgettable she is. He remembers how he fell in love and never got above… not knowing if she’s a blessing or a curse.

He smiled, wishing Laris was the one in front of him.

"Paris", he said. "I could live in Paris all my life". 

Larissa is wearing our SS/2016 'FAKE CLUB' Collection. Available here:

Designs by Merinda Kate Jackson:

Photography by Roos van Rij:

Model Larissa :

Text by Babette De Bouver:

Larissa is wearing our Ice Ice Baby Shag Jacket & 'LOVER' babygirl tee. 

Larissa is wearing our Pink Pop Shag Jacket & 'lover' baby girl tee. 

Larissa is wearing our Ice Ice Baby Shag Jacket & Babydoll Gingham frill shorts & halter top. 

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Larissa is wearing our Ice Ice Baby Shag Jacket & 'Lover' Baby Girl Tee. 




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